Guardian Angel - A True Story

This is a serialized version of Guardian Angel - A True Story. Every Saturday morningfor twelve weeks we added a new chapter of this exciting story, with photos and additional behind the scenes stories. The complete story is now upload for your reading pleasure. Please share this with your friends, family, and others who might find this gripping and true tale, inspiring.
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Guardian Angel -- A True Story

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Guardian Angel - A True StoryGuardian Angel
A True Story

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Guardian Angel -- A True Story




If you have any information on the the soldiers below, please contact us so that we may add that information to our website, to honor them, to honor their history. You can reach us at

PBY Crew

Ensign Frank M Fisler

Ensign C F Gimber

1st Class Leonard H Wagoner

1st Class William B Watson

2nd Class Wilbur W Warlick

2rd Class Howard C Cupps

2nd Class C C Forbes 








B-17 Crew

1st Lt Earl J. Cooper

2nd Lt Richard J Ebrenz

2nd Lt Jim B Buchanan

2nd Lt John A (Davey) Crockett

1st Lt Joaquin Castro

Private Don McCord

Corporal Mac L Lucas

Tech Sergeant Jesse R. Broyles

Sergeant Lee W Best











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The rescue on December 30, 1941, as told in the Guardian Angel story, was one of the first during the war in the Pacific during WW II. Other well-known rescues in the Pacific took place later in the war (click to open):

Ensign George Gay

During the battle of Midway from June 7 to the 28th, 1942, Ensign George Gay, after 30 hours in the water observing the destruction of the Japanese carrier fleet, was rescued by Ltjg ”Pappy” Cole, VP-44

Ltjg Nathan Gordon

February 15, 1944, Ltjg Nathan Gordon during the battle of Kavieng Harbor, New Ireland, made three rescues under Japanese fire and damaged aircraft, rescued 15 Army air crewmen. He was the only PBY Catalina pilot to receive the Medal of Honor;

Lt R. Adrian Mark

  • July 30, 1945, the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese submarine. 900 hundred men went into the sea and for the next four days were attached by sharks. Lt R. Adrian Marks, arrived on site, observed the shark attacks, ignored orders and landed his PBY to pull 56 men from shark death. Only 317 Indianapolis crew survived from the 900 that went into the water.

There are many stories of the PBY Catalina and her crews saving lives during WW II and civilian rescue as well. Many of these men went home to have families after the war. Their children and grandchildren are alive because of this aircraft and her crews. The PBY was not glorified like the bombers and fighters but they did every type of combat there was. As one P-38 pilot told me, “If I am in the water, the only plane I want to see is the PBY!” When he was in the Officers Club or in a bar and knew of a PBY crew present, he bought them drinks. He said, “It was cheap insurance!”

This Veterans Day, the children of the rescued need to thank these crews and this aircraft and to remember: But, there for the courage of the PBY Catalina crew, would I be here? “History that is not remembered is history that never happened.”